1. Fact: A certain Beckham is on the cover of the last Man About Town issue.

  2. Fact: Kind of in love with Pier-Gabriel Lajoie, the actor in Gerontophilia (directed by Bruce LaBruce)

  3. duderoad:

    Facts Fanzine - Issues 1, 2 & 3


    All the Facts issue will be in Copenhagen in April for the Halftone event, thanks to Duderoad.

    (via christisdevil)

  4. FACTS issue 3 is out!
    Logan Jackson, photographer (NY City)
    Bravo Delta, gay porn star (Cockyboys)
    Phillip Dvorak, artist
    Henrietta Harris, artist
    Caroline Payen, French illustrator/graphic designer
    Simon Woodward, Fine Art photographer

    Watch/Download/Share here:

    As usual, some physical copies are available in Dalston (London), the Doomed Gallery, and, for one month, in Copenhagen for the Halftone event.

  5. christisdevil:

    Bravo Delta (from Cockyboys) will be featuring in Facts fanzine issue 3. Exciting news! (Illustration by chris.t)

  6. Facts: Rihanna is the definition of a classy woman…

  7. Fact: Kate Moss (by Terry Richardson for the French “erotic” magazine LUI) always the best.

  8. Fact: Justin still needs milk (and his mommy)!


  9. Fact: Just for the French actor Clément Sibony. Not soo much for the song…


  10. Facts: Damon Albarn is great! (Watch the whole set. Beautiful)